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Happy Tuesday Everyone * May your day be as fruitful as our...

Happy Tuesday Everyone
May your day be as fruitful as our Baobab Fruit Powder. Filled with substance and quality. With memorable but delightful moments. May it be as powerful as the tree trunk of Baobab, known to man as one of the longest living trees.
A little knowledge about Baobab in case you don’t know what it is. Baobab fruit powder is a fruit that is indigenous to Africa. The tree is very different from any other tree and can live to be 3000 years. When the leaves of Baobab shed, the branches almost looks like the roots are sticking up into the air as if the tree was planted upside down. The three is very difficult to kill, it can sustain many difficulties and still live on. They can be burnt or stripped of their bark and they will form new bark and continue to grow.
The fruits of the Baobab in the other hand is remarkably great for the body. It is very high in vitamin C , potassium, fiber and many other vitamins and minerals. This superfood is also known to have lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties. Baobab fruit is often used in Africa as a traditional medicine for high blood pressure and as a natural colon cleansing drink just to list a few.

But beyond the healthy benefits, Baobab fruit powder is a delicious fruit to add to your smoothies. It can also be simply added to water and used as a refreshing summer drink . Our favorite Baobab powder recipe at Juka’s Organic Co., is; two spoons of Baobab, two spoons of peanut butter, two bananas , and 1.5 cup of water. Blend it together for a smooth pre-workout meal or a late night sweet & tangy snack.
For more on this African superfood, click on our bio or visit jukasorganic.com

Stay well, and wonderful!

Always believe in yourself and the beauty of your own dreams...

Always believe in yourself and the beauty of your own dreams manifesting to light. Also know that you can’t do it alone, there is always a higher power, from an infinite source guiding you no matter how hard things get. Just tune in, connect and follow your gut in whatever you dream to do. With persistence and hard work, you will see the path that is divined for you.

Juka Ceesay ~ Founder Of Juka’s Organic Co.
Walmart photo campaign over 13 years ago during my modeling years and now Juka’s Organic products are sold at Walmart.


This universe works in mysterious ways. It always reveals itself...

This universe works in mysterious ways. It always reveals itself in unexplainable ways but it’s perfectly & simply divine, just the way the story is meant to be written.
As we struggle to understand some aspects of our lives while it unfolds. It will all makes sense once the story is played and told. Some...

Happy Wellness Wednesday. We often talk about the food we eat...

Happy Wellness Wednesday.

We often talk about the food we eat for our wellness. But we equally have to talk about our state of mind and the things that get us off balance and fiddle with our well being. When our mind is off balance it tampers with our happiness, our spiritual connection with the universe, our goals and even friends and family.

Always take sometime to yourself, if needed to figure out what’s tipping your scale over and work on it. We can never achieve all around perfection in life but finding a way to balance our thoughts and emotions back to that happy place is imminent. No matter our circumstances, we can bring more joy, fulfillment and a state of balanced mind with the shift of a mindset. Let’s focus on the things we are blessed, with. Practice gratitude. Look at the glass half full. Tell ourselves things will get the way we want it to be while putting our efforts and energy into actions towards where we want to be.
This is not a destination for any of us, but rather a continuous journey for any human living on earth. We all deal with every emotion there is. We all face challenges, we have great days and of curse sad and bad days. But with a healthy and well balanced mind we are able to live through all these different emotions in a peaceful place, within our bodies and souls. Find that balance, that peaceful place in your mind and heart, hold on it dearly and don’t give it up.

Wishing you all a great day full of joy and as less stress as possible throughout your day and the rest of the week.
Juka Ceesay ~Founder Of Juka’s Organic Co.

So grateful that this sauce was simply a dream for people to...

So grateful that this sauce was simply a dream for people to easily consume red palm oil because of the potent health benefits it offers to the body.

BUT NOW, it’s become a party favorite vegan snack because of the deliciousness of the sauce. Today at @aprylsjones wine tasting, 1 yr anniversary celebration of her company, we were delighted to share our taste of Africa, Red palm oil gourmet sauce as a vegan snack. And Yes It Was A Hit! Every single person that tried this sauce has fell in love with it. S/O to host, actor @ the new season #hboinsecure for giving our sauce an A+
The great thing is our red palm oil sauce can be added to anything. you can have it as a full course meal 🥘 by adding it to grains and meat or sautéed veggies or do a simple summer party snack (boil beans, naked chips and top it with the sauce). Click above or visit our on line store Jukasorganic.com to buy a jar and see what this yummy sauce is about.


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Juka's Organic & Walmart

Cannot Find A Store Near You? Take advantage of Walmart "Site To Store" Program. Go to walmart.com search for Juka's Organic., once you see a list of our products, you can order our products and choose Free Pickup during checkout. Choose the closest Walmart store to pick up your order from! You will Receive a confirmation when your order is delivered to your Walmart store for pickup! Please be patient with us while Walmart add the rest of our products on their website. To order from Walmart,  please Click Here. You can also buy our red palm oil, baobab fruit powder and the rest of our products from walmart.com and get it shipped to your mailing address if the items are on sale and the shipping fees are cheaper than our shipping fees. 


 Juka Ceesay CEO Of Juka's Organic Co.

Juka's Organic Co., was established in 2013 by Juka Ceesay. After owning an African food market in 2008 in the City of Los Angeles for several years. Juka realized there was a lack of authentic, pure and natural products in the united states from Africa. Her objective is to combine a variety of innovative items (Organic Red Palm Oil, Shea butter, Herbal Medicines, African Tea, African Whole Grain and lots more) from the historic past of Africa to tailor them to fit today's contemporary life while still maintaining the authenticity of these products. 

Juka's has partnered up with women from small villages of West Africa to exclusively supply their hand selected, unrefined sustainable organic red palm oil.  All the women that work with Juka's use the traditional method of natural palm oil extraction, this is the same method that has been used throughout small West African villages for centuries. The best palm oil is the sustainable type that comes from the continent of origin, West Africa. Palm trees are part of villages in Africa for centuries, each generation of women sustainably produce their palm fruit oil as their main source of income and proudly pass it on to the next.

"It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation because wildlife and Rainforest is what makes Africa unique and special."  Juka Ceesay


Juka Talks About Our Mission & Company Story With Good Morning Lala Land. 

 "I was honored to have the opportunity to share Juka’s Organic Co., story and mission to partner up with women farmers & elevate Africa through sustainable trade. Our company continues to strive to bring the best organic, health food and beauty products to the west while being part of today’s social & global economy. 
When you buy any of our products, To support our mission and to experience our wonderful & healthy products (Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Baobab Fruit Powder & More), it benefits your health tremendously and at it contributes to Africa’s future. 

Watch Where We Get Our Red Palm Oil From In Africa And Company Story  

Our Red Palm Oil is one of the purest and most Organic Red Palm Oil you can find anywhere in the world. This Red Palm Oil is Imported directly from the heart of Africa. We have earn the trust of every customer that has bought Juka's Organic Palm Oil from the past and we will continue to do so because quality is our priority. We do not mix our Organic Red Palm Oil to Maximize Profit, we bring it to you at its purest. What you see is what you get our jars are clear and not tinted, our palm oil is red organic and pure! Try Juka's red palm oil to get the nutritional benefits you deserve.

Watch our recent interview with one of our customers, Benjamin Chavez who said his leg was remarkably saved from being amputated after he used our red palm oil for several months. 

 We at Juka's Organic Co., are committed to maintaining the highest quality products and the utmost integrity in business practices. Our goal is to be the premiere destination for buying natural and organic products for health, wellness and beauty from the continent of Africa. Our dedication to superior customer service, competitive pricing in stores around the U.S has allowed us to expand to an online store for your convenience.

Juka Speaks With Pop Fuzion TV About The Motivation Behind Working With African Women To Help Improve Their Livelihood.

Red Palm Oil's # 1 Rule! Is It Red When You First Open It? Still Red Even After Several Months? Okay You Are On The Right Track Then! 


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